Koephu Business enterprise

Koephu Business enterprise was established in the year 2004 with the idea of developing communities
through quality services delivery. It is a Limpopo based company under the directorship of aspiring one
member who is from previously disadvantaged section of the Limpopo Province.

The main aim was to address the challenges of community development and Economic growth. The
Company is registered as a Close Corporation with the Registrar of Companies as per CK Number:
2004/013500/23.Her aim was to actively assist in addressing the identified challenges and gaps. She was also greatly inspired by her personal traits and ability as an entrepreneur as well the wide ranges of business opportunities that she saw in the business industry.

We build long term partnerships with our clients. With their support, we can maximize the potential of our traditional business through a combination of enhanced quality of service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost efficiency ...more

Our statement of business practice, the way we work, defines Koephu business enterprise’s principles that will apply to all employees when representing Koephu business enterprise ...more

What we do

  • Building & Civil Construction
  • Project Management (Construction)
  • Drilling & Equipping of Boreholes
  • Internal & Bulk Water Reticulation
  • Roads & Storm Water
  • Sanitation (VIP Toilets and Enviroloo)
  • Tank Stand and Tanks